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I'm Gona :-)  I have been a CLAIRVOYANT since early childhood.  Also, I have specialized in Certificate Course in Psychological Counselling and I am able to give my clients guidance and information about the present and future.  I am gifted in seeing the flow of energy in a situation or issue.  Therefore, I am able to offer solutions and strategies to my clients so that they can come out a winner.


As a General Psychological Counselor and Spiritual Counselor, I consistently encourage my clients to follow their heart's desire as well as motivation.  By following our inner truth we not only grow as productive humans and spiritual beings but also find true joy and liberation.


In addition, I am able to recognize my clients' unconscious goals.  To reach goals, we must overcome fears.  A spiritual breakthrough happens, when we are unafraid to pursue our passions.  This leads to personal freedom.


I use MEDIUMSHIP and CHANELLING to communicate with spirit entities.  I am able to receive and give messages from spirits that have passed away.


When clients request Mind-Peace Healing, I employ Devising An ACTION PLAN, and repetition of positive mantras as alternative helping methods which aid in repairing the mind/body connection.


If you want to LEARN TO MAKE SENSE OF THE TAROT, then go ahead and take a look at TAROT MADE EXTREMELY SIMPLE; I have studied the TAROT in great depth.  It is a divination tool to achieve clarity about a situation.  When the path ahead seems incomprehensible, the Tarot is a great tool to go to for guidance.  I am the author of TAROT MADE EXTREMELY SIMPLE WITH ARCHETYPAL TALES.  In this published e-book, I have explained Tarot card meanings by taking the psychological approach.  TAROT MADE EXTREMELY SIMPLE WITH ARCHETYAL TALES is available through the following link:










Please feel free to read my Blog Enteries as general examples of the types of Inquires that come my way.  I AM AVAILABLE  FOR:


1)Phone Guidance/Readings



A) Click on "Buy Now" for a 30 minute session or 45 minute session.

B) Send me a time suitable to begin your session at on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday between the hours of 8 am t0 4 pm

C) I will send written response to confirm your telephone guidance session/reading time.


I can help you make your goals come true.  Get into a better feeling place, and create happiness as well as abundance.  Let me guide you to joyously sculpt your amazing future by reading my published e-book, THE MEANING OF SUCCESS.  It is for sale via the following link:






The published e-book: CONNECT WITH YOUR LOVER; please buy through the link below:



















The SPECIAL OFFER FLYER IS APPLICABLE through BUY NOW option button OR you can approach me for a telephone reading on PSYCHICS CONNECT PLATFORM but for that the rates of PSYCHICS CONNECT ARE APPLICABLE TO ALL READINGS DONE BY PSYCHIC GONA
































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