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Spiritual Counselling Post 1: Jilted Lover

Protect your own Sexual Power

Dear Gona,

I got involved with this guy, Billy. We met up, and he was so nice to me. He gave me compliments. He even held my hand. I invited him to my place. We were having a great conversation, and I showed him my DVD movie collection. He insisted on borrowing one of my movies. I let him borrow the DVD movie. We had a great night!

The problem is that I am feeling used. Now he doesn't have time to see me. He says that he is very busy with work. Yesterday, I texted him. He hasn't responded to my texts. I still haven't got my DVD movie back from him. Why is he not replying? Why do I feel like a Jilted Lover? Why does this keep happening to me?



Thanks for bringing this issue to me. First, let us look at why he is not replying to your texts from yesterday. We will have to start with the basic rules of communication. You have sent text messages to Billy. But he is not responding. Maybe using a to the point, direct message such as: Hey Billy, how is it going? This is just a reminder that I would like my DVD movie back as soon as possible. It is one of my favourite in my collection. I hope you enjoyed watching it! As a Clairvoyant, after you send him this preceding message, I see him replying and returning the movie to you within 10 days.

Next, I am focusing on why you feel like a Jilted Lover, and why does this keep happening to you? According to mythological history, we are spiritual beings, and we are here to learn. Unless you keep evolving, patterns will keep repeating over and over in your life; this is the Universe telling you that you have to master a particular lesson. Here is the lesson: BECOME AWARE OF YOUR SEXUAL POWER. As a woman you have been given a gift. The gift is Shakti (eastern word for sexual power). When we are given a gift, we are also given the responsibility to cherish and protect the gift of sexual power. Awareness of SHAKTI within you puts you in a great position. Men are like bees, and your sexual power is honey to them. So, now let us take some wisom from the Greek and Roman Goddesses. In the past, in spiritual places like Greece or Rome, women were encouraged to choose warriors who could provide security and/or emotional/sexual passion as this type of a pair bonding provides great satisfaction to both the woman and man. This is the reason a Goddess like Venus choose Mars to be her lover. These are the archetypes (Mars and Venus) bringing you awareness of the Goddess within you. A Goddess is the giving type but a Goddess is not easy or needy. Warriors and lovers find strong i.e. sweet and independent women to be euphoric.

Just stay friends with Billy for now. Observe him. When he approaches you on a regular basis, then it means he is wanting to interact with you. When a man offers you his time and romance, then you know he is into you. Then you can reward a man with intimacy. Until that happens, protect your own sexual power.




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