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Spiritual Counselling Post 2: Follow Your Inner-Truth

Desire is the Guiding Light

Hi Gona,

I am involved with two men. George is my intense lover but he is all over the place. John on the other hand is someone I have consistently known for a longer time but I don't feel satisfied when we have intimacy. However, we do get along as friends. I am really confused. I want to be with my true love. Which guy should I choose as my long term lover?


RESPONSE: Hello Julie,

Thanks for bringing this juicy issue to me. Let us look at George first. I see that both of you DESIRE each other and he rocks your world. This is big! You are aligned as Tantric Lovers. In the East, Tantra is explained as Desire Seal. The East Indian Spiritual Scriptures explain Desire Seal or Desire Bond as practicing sexual intimacy with invoked Gods and Goddesses. Prime example is Radha and Krishna. They practiced Tantra. Goddess Radha was very nurturing and fiery at the same time. God Krishna, her lover, was a flute player as well as a warrior. When the two of them were intimate with each other, they experienced the ultimate pleasure and peace because they were intended on bringing joy to one another. They were thus aligned as lovers. George and you share this type of Tantric Intimacy.

John, as you have mentioned, is your friend. The reason you feel unsatisfied when having sex with him is because your energy and his energy are not compatible as lovers. Keep him as a friend.

Going back to George, although "he is all over the place right now" - this is not a constant. Life has phases/milestones. George is evolving. Eventually, he will choose a woman who accepts him for who he is - he is an erotic lover. Similar to the Hindu God Krishna, George enjoys attention from the ladies. But what he gets from you in intimacy is special, blissful and healing to him. The love you share with him is Divine; it is true love.

Keep smiling,


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