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Spiritual Counselling Post 3: He Is With Another Girl

Dear Gona,

I recently went to a concert and saw my lover, Jetta with another girl. What should I do to keep him interested in me and to choose me as his long term partner?


RESPONSE: Greetings Abigail,

I have good news for you. Your lover, Jetta is still in exploration mode meaning he is the LION KING looking for the JUCIEST DEER in the forest. He is going out with different women to see which one has the most to offer to him. He has not setteled for the other woman you saw with him at the concert.

To keep him interested in you, keep being his sincere friend. Keep communicating with a light, fun and flirty attitude. Whenever you meet up with him look amazing: show some skin, high heels, make-up and hair. Wear some tinkling jewellery as well to appear ultra feminine and seductive. Make his mouth water.

When you invite him over to your place, do TANTRA with him. A Tantric woman is very nurturing and sexually passionate. Cook for him, give him a massage and take him into the bedroom. Dominate him and keep him excited by indulging in a variety of sexual postions with him.

Last but not the least, every now and then casually mention your budding success; for example bring attention to an "investment" you have made in the recent past which has sky-rocketed in value or an "inheritance" you will be receiving in the near future.

Jetta is an extremely strategic male and he is looking for a female more powerful than himself. So have no fear in showing him that you are the QUEEN BEE. Have no fear in "showing off" all the qualities you are bringing to the table i.e. your sweet/caring nature, sexual passion and material abundance.

I see him coming to the realization that he has struck gold by meeting you and that in your he has found a real friend and lover. The other woman will "fade away" as she will pale in comparison to you. I see Jetta deciding that his long term success and partnership is with you Abigail.

Enjoy the ride :)



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