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Spiritual Counselling Post 4: Win That Girl

Hello Gona,

There is a girl named Jennifer that I met at a wedding I went to recently. I find myself really drawn to her and would like to know if there is a possibility of us being together in the future.


RESPONSE: Hi Ricardo,

As a clairvoyant, I see that Jennifer is looking for a serious commitment with someone who can provide financial security and stability to her. You can be that man and win her.

Jennifer is aware that men are attracted to her sexual power. She also knows in her heart and mind that she can get a suitor who would be willing to marry her and be a capable "provider". If the preceding aligns with your thinking and is desirable to you then by all means pursue her.

To gain a deeper understand of the male female courtship dynamic, let us look at History. In the past, cultures in the East and West, would prepare a girl for marriage by holding "contests" in the family home. Various suitors would then put their best foot forward, meaning, men would present gifts and or skills that would be attractive to win the girl's hand in marriage.

Keeping traditions in veiw, the following would be an appropriate plan if you are feeling that Jennifer is "the one" you want as wife and mother to your future children:

A) Start by courting her; for example send her flowers with a card stating your intentions.

B) I see her sending you a positive and encouring response.

C) Next, see her on regular basis. Suggest meet - ups and treat her like a lady.

D) Observe her keenly when you are dating her to see if she has qualities that are appealing to you. The key is to look for important qualities such as sincere friendship towards you, caring nature and skills that would compliment your life so that you are not doing all the work in a future relationship or marriage with Jennifer.

All the best,


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