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Spiritual Counselling Post 5: Like Attracts Like

Become the Person You Want to Attract

Hi Gona,

There is a man, Matt at my work-place. He is married but flirts heavily with me. I am married too but am on the verge of divorce. I would like to know if there is a possiblity of a future with my co-worker Matt.


Response: Hello Joanna,

Matt thinks you are attractive and sexy. He is interested in having LOVERS' CONNECTION with you but is also wanting to keep his marriage. He does not want to dissolve his marriage for material reasons. He is thinking that if he breaks his marriage contract, then he will suffer losses as all the materials assets in the marriage will have to be divided.

You have mentioned that you are planning on getting a divorce. So, I see that Matt would be willing to have sexual interactions with you until you find someone who is going to be single just like you are planning to be in the near future.

Once you have taken the action to leave your marriage, I do see new single men coming into your life. There is a buisness man who is goal oriented and ambitious like you. He just like you is looking for sexual compatibility, comfortable and fun lifestyle. I see the two of you meeting through socail media such as facebook or an online dating site if you choose to join one suitable for you. Go ahead and post a profile outlining your interests and hobbies. Also post some amazing pictures of yourself doing various day to day interesting activities.

Know that you as a woman have sexual power. You can thus have any man you desire but it is NATURAL LAW that LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. Before you venture out "into the jungle" become the person you want to attract. Bring out the sweet and sexy as well as make the impression that you can take care of yourself. This kind of confidence and self-esteem will attract a man of similar qualities to you.

Good Luck,


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