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Spiritual Counselling Post 6: Love Requires Strength and Patience

Give the Horse the Apple when He Deserves It

Greetings Gona,

I have been having sporadic sex with a man I am attracted to. The issue is that Markus says it is "just fun". What do I need to do to take it beyond "fun" and into commitment.


Response: Dear Rose,

I have good news for you, however this guy is going to test your strength and patience. I see that Markus has had some challenging interactions with women in the past. He found out that they did not sincerely care - this is the reason he is interacting with you. You are the HEALER/SEXUAL PRIESTESS. In Greek Mythology, wounded warriors would come to the temple of the Priestess in order to get SEXUAL HEALING.

To win this game and make it into LONG TERM COMMITMENT, let us do some adjustments. The first step is to know how powerful and potent you really are. You are ELECTRICITY. Markus craves your electric power to "brighten up his world". He glows when he connects with your sexual power during intimacy/sex. Now that you have awareness, use your sexual power and wisdom to get what you want i.e. commitment.

A relationship is about spending time together and being romantic. So, when Markus comes to you on REGULAR BASIS and ACTS LIKE A GENTLEMAN, then and only then reward him with intimacy/sex. It is like training a wild horse - when the horse behaves, then we give it the apple.

Last but not the least, Markus will want to have a child one day. If you are up to the task for being a mother to his child - this LOVERS' BOND will become LONG TERM COMMITMENT.



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