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Spiritual Counselling Post 7: Love Spell

Hey Gona,

My ex-boyfriend, Ramesh wants me back. Are we compatible with each other or am I wasting my time? I still have feelings for him.


Response: Hello Pinky,

The great news is that you and Ramesh still have compatibiltiy with each other. The key to understanding him is that he is wanting to settle down when both of you have financial stability. I see that he has anxiety around maoney matters. He feels that without financial security a relationship/marriage becomes doomed for failure. So, if you can reassure him that your intention is to be "equal partners" meaning sharing of bills; he will find relief and be open to discussing long term relationship/marriage.

After the financial sharing has been openly discussed, the next step is to do a POSITIVE LOVE SPELL to open up the HEART CHAKRA.

Love Spell to promote REUNION, CALM and PEACE:

1) Take a photograph or draw a picture of the two of you smiling at each other. Burn a black candle for about 10-15 minutes in front of the picture to take away NEGATIVITY. Do this for two weeks.

2) After two weeks, replace the black candle with a white candle to increase positive thoughts for each other and to focus on the partner's strengths and good qualities. Do this for fifteen days.

3) After carrying out the above mentioned spell for 29-30 days, put some ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTALS on your left wrist as this connects the crystal energy with your heart to encourage STABLE LOVE between you and Ramesh.

Enjoy the above mentioned POSITIVE LOVE SPELL, and at the end it is your decision to close the door on Ramesh OR to open the door wide and let him in.


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