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Spiritual Counselling Post 8: Creating a Balance Between Work and Play

Friend Gona,

Could you please tell me what does the future hold for me and my husband regarding career and finances? We are both in the process of doing new job interviews.


Response: Hi Marina,

As far as you and your husband are concerned, I see "victory" for him with SPEEDY TIRE as a driver/delivery man. I do see a second interview and then they will offer him the job.

The PIZZA RESTAURANT job is going to be very exhausting and draining for him as that type of work holds very little interest for your husband.

The agency that offered him a job at ADVENTURE PARK is the least favourable career path as this job is short term.

Regarding your career path, I see a promotion to be manager at your current work place.

I see that both you and your husband are hard working, so the finances will keep on improving. The best advise is to have a monthly budget focused on food, shelter and clothing for your household. By following a budget, you and your husband will be able to take care of the bills and the savings will accumulate as well. Also, create a balance between WORK AND PLAY. It is important to work hard but it is also necessary to rest and take breaks to rejuvenate the mind and body.

As a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to go towards jobs you are attracted to and enjoyable for the two of you. Thus, have a variety of job related experiences so that you can determine what you would like to do as a long term job/career.



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