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Spiritual Counselling Post 9: The Power Animal Dragonfly

Create The Illusion and Make It Reality

Dear Gona,

A DRAGONFLY landed on my arm today. It was like it was trying to give me GUIDANCE. What was the dragonfly trying to tell me?


Response: Salutations Vanessa,

Your POWER ANIMAL is the DRAGONFLY. It is encouraging you to CREATE A PICTURE which will become "PHYSICAL REALITY".

Take a white sheet of paper and divide it into three sections. The first/top section can be titled LOVE/RELATIONSHIP. In this section, draw everything you would like to experience in the area of love; for example you might want to draw two lovers holding hands and label them ROMEO & JULIET. The key is to draw or cut and paste an image you want to phycically manifest in the near future. This will bring towards you the special kind of LOVER you desire.

In the second/middle section, you can draw your DREAM JOB and label it; for example, you told me that you like to help others. So, the field of nurturing, caring, teaching, guiding or counselling might suit your personality. You had also mentioned that you enjoy writing poetry. Therefore, another experssive outlet could be to create your own website and post your poems on it, plus you can also sell an e-book with poems on your personal website. The preceding website project could be a creative side buisness for you. Again, the key is to draw and label pursuits you are passionate about as those pictures will propel you to move towards your career goals and aspirations.

The third/last section on your sheet of paper can be labeled BODY AND VITALITY. As a vibrant and energetic body is prime in "feeling good" which in turn attracts others who are feeling good, and it also makes you stronger for "work" and for accomplishing daily tasks. In this last section draw foods and herbs which will inspire your body; for example draw fruits and vegetables that you enjoy as well as tonics and supplements. Label all these items which will add to your bodily strength. In additon, you said that you were a natural dancer; why not draw yourself taking a dance class or dancing lessons to enhance your dancing skills and muscle tone.

Thus THE DRAGONFLY is asking you to CREATE AND MANIFEST a reality which is desirable to you.


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