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Spiritual Counselling Post 10: Transition

Change Feels Difficult But Can Be A Postive Thing

Hi Gona,

What do I have to look forward to in 2014? My life seems to be in TRANSITION.


Response: Hello Charlotte,

The year 2014 is promising to bring about a POSITIVE ELEVATION in your life.

You had mentioned that currently life is heavy with financial responsibilities as your son and his wife along with their baby girl have moved into your place. It is nice of you to be there for your son and his family, however, this sitiuation is proving to be a draining experience for you. It is time to call a one on one meeting with your son. Let him know that you have done your best for him - but because of your own mature age needs and the needs of your aging mother who is also living with you, there are two options you can present to your son:

Option 1 - He can offer financial support by paying rent to you as he is using your home and facilities.


Option 2 - He and his family can choose to find accomodation elsewhere.

You were also saying that you have been wanting to sell an inherited piece of land to garnish more income for yourself. Go ahead and sell that land; I see that it will fetch a good price.

Finally, organize a finance sheet with incoming income including the sale of your inherited land, your againg mother's pension and the baby-sitting service you have been providing to the two children from the neighbourhood. Balance the incoming money with the outgoing expenses.

I see that by folowing the above mentioned strategies, you are going to have a comfortable life-style and then you had stated that your own senior pension starts in 2015. Although a TRANSITION feels hard, I do see you enjoying the next upcoming phase. I hear laughter!


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