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Spiritual Counselling Post 11: Money Spell

Hello Gona,

On the weekend, my husband and I went out to eat, and apparently he lost some cash while using the restaurant washroom. Is there a way to retrieve that amount of money?


Response: Hi Pearl,

The money that fell out of your husband's pocket hopefully will "find its way back to your home". In the crystal ball, I do see a LUCKY PENNY - meaning that you will most probably come across the money amount that was unintentionally lost.

I am going to give you a MONEY SPELL. With the following spell you will receive about the same amount that was lost - it will come from a special source:

1) On a Thursday, write the amount of the missing money on a small piece of paper.

2) Roll up the paper.

3) Make a small hole on the top of a white egg.

4) Push the piece of paper inside the egg.

5) Bury the egg sideways in the soil of a potted TIGER LILY PLANT.

6) As the contents of the egg seep out from the hole you made in the egg, it will nourish the roots of the plant. Also, remember to water the plant.

7) The TIGER LILY FLOWERS will encourage money to come your way.

8) Give some of it towards any charitable act as a Thank You.

When you are watering the plant, chant the following spell nine times:

"Money we need,

so for the good of all and harm to none,

Mighty Universal Forces, let this be done"

The above mentioned chant is a request to the Universal Forces for a positive result in retrieving the lost amount of money.


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