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Spiritual Counselling Post 12: To Stay Married or Not

Dear Gona,

My marriage seems to have too many problems. Is it worth saving or not?


Response: Dear Ann,

As a Clairvoyant, I see that the marriage has conflict. When you and your husband joined hands in matrimony, both of you had intentions of long term union, and that did manifest as good times together and of course the challenges which come along with any marriage. At different phases in life, we meet people who are meant to walk with us. As destiny has a say, you and your husband were to stay together for a while. However, there is a new journey starting up. I see both of you getting restless and wanting to part ways. The union has become unstable and a jarring experience for both of you.

There is dissatisfaction on both sides. Dean, your husband, wants to widen his horizons. He wants to go beyond what you are comfortable with. You are also looking for a new adventure. Both of you are changing. In nature, we call it "shedding skin". I see that you are now seeking a deeper emotional/sexual connection.

The final decision is yours to make. If you choose to leave the marriage, there will be an "alone period" in order to heal. To promote healing, do things you enjoy; folow your interests. Join hobby clubs or social clubs. I see new friends and potential lovers coming your way.

I see that Dean will miss the familiarity of the marriage as well but he too will form new alliances.

On the other hand, if you sincerely desire to save the marriage, then, doing Tantra will help rejuvenate the bond. A tantric woman derires her lover immensely, is nurturing and enjoys dominating in the bedroom. The glitch is that your husband's need to control might prove problematic in Tantric sex/intimacy.

The pros are that you and Dean did have times of joy and celebration. Looking back, it is nice to acknowledge the gains both of you made in this marriage, and now you can move forward as FRIENDS OR LOVERS. As you are wanting a lovers' connection - only you can decide if you want that lovers' connection/marriage with Dean or not.


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