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Spiritual Counselling Post 13: Mediumship

Grandmother is With You In Spirit


I am really distraught at my Grandmother's passing away. I need closure. Please help.


Response: Hi Freeda,

Thanks for approaching me. I asked your Grandmother to come through and give me messages for you. She gave wonderful messages and showed me beautiful images.

I see her in a lovely garden; it looks like Paradise. She wants you to know that she has peace and love all around her.

She is telling me that she will visit you in your dreams. That is her way of reassuring you. She loved you the moment she set eyes on you as an infant. She is telling me that even as a child, you were beyond your years. You were caring and able to share, and she cherishes the GIVING AND RECEIVING you did with each other.

She is encouraging you to nurture the creative side of you. She is telling me that you are going to create something - either a creative project or a creative business. She is asking you to follow your passions and desires without limits. Whatever you are passionate about - you will have great sucess in that. She is saying that she will stay your Spirit Guide and always give you that extra-support from the Spiritual Plane.

She is wispering that it is the perfect time to "soar like an eagle" and she will be the wind beneath your wings. Have confidence and faith that you are going to steadily make progress and have abundance in life. For closure - it was her time to pass on. The angels came to help her cross over. Her life had more meaning and purpose because you were her grandchild and her sincere friend. She felt lucky and grateful to be your Grandmother.



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