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Spiritual Counselling Post 14: Job Hunting

Key to Success

Successful Work Team
Climb the Ladder to Success

Dear Gona,

I am going for a job interview today. Will I get this job?


Response: Hello Sheeba,

I appreciate you coming to me :) As far as the job interview is concerened, I do see that the kind of work you are aiming for is indeed the right fit for you. You are heading towards a bright future. As long as you ACT like a professional, TALK like a professional and your ATTIRE suits your profession, you will have a successful interview.

Do prepare well before going in for the interview. Review the knowledge base and skills. Also, let your personality shine during the interview. Show that you are confident, the cooperative type, and that you have problem-solving skills.

I am looking in the Crystal Ball. I see the Universal Forces helping you meaning you will most probably get a positive response after giving this interview. However, you need to understand, that you need to give it your best shot so that the employer feels that you will be a capable employee. In order to come out a winner, you will need to have a sharper edge to defeat the competition. So sharpen your skills and use strategies such as being a TEAM-PLAYER, EFFICIENT WORKER as well as being able to FUNCTION UNDER PRESSURE.

Generally speaking, you are going to be successful in your job hunting. Please take into consideration the above mentioned suggestions. Keep applying yourself. Don't give up. Do your optimum best. I can see that you have a strong work ethic. I can visualize you putting your heart and soul in your work. That indeed is the best attitude. Passion for your job will bring you great satisfaction. Regarding money, when we like what we do, the employer will notice the enjoyment and your love for your job. It will help you to climb the ladder to abundance. Somehow money finds its way to a hard-worker. I see a good income for you.

In addition, remember to make a budget which focuses on healthy eating and suitable living space. These are priority bills and have to be paid off first. You can usually find discounts on clothing and entertainment items. Last but not the least, put some money away as savings even if it is a small amount. If you follow the preceding formula for financial planning, you can build a comfortable life. Spend less than your earnings, and you will seem to have the MIDAS TOUCH.

All the best,


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