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Spiritual Counselling Post 15: Online Boyfriend

Dear Gona,

I am unlucky with men. Can you tell me what the cause is OR what is the real problem? I was interacing ONLINE with a new guy, Philip for 2&1/2 months, and now he is gone. Please tell me what to do?


Response: Greetings Hemleena,

I see that your inquiry is related to gaining an understanding of the main issues between you and your ONLINE BOYFRIEND PHILIP. So let us start from "day one", in order to have an ONLINE RELATIONSHIP it is important to have cyberspace chemistry - which you and Philip did have when you started e-mailing as well as texting each other, back and forth. That viability came to an end because both of you have expectations of wanting perfection from one another.

He wants you to carry on with him in ONLINE SEXTING as he does not have the financial means to travel across the country and come see you in person. So he is expecting ONLINE SEXUAL LOVE without being able to give you what you want from him. I see that you want a PHYSICAL LOVER. Thus, the goals are not in alignment. This is a REAL PROBLEM.

In order to align the goals, know that your online boyfriend is going to stay a CYBERSPACE ENTITY. If that is acceptable to you, then leave THE DOOR OPEN in your heart and mind for Philip. He will re-establish contact with you. His intention is going to be sexual online interaction. He is not looking for a physical lover in you.

Philip's current thoughts and feelings towards you are that you don't like him. If you would like to continue this CYBERSPACE RELATIONSHIP, then when he contacts you, play the role of the Sexual Priestess or let him know that "It was fun while it lasted but what I am really looking for is a Physical Lover".

Philip being a TERRITORIAL MALE will come back to you like a wild cat comes back to IMPRINT a former mate even though you and him have created a strictly online relationship. However, as FEMALE VENUS ENERGY it is your final decision to "lock down your door". The second choice is to keep on having ONLINE FUN with Philip. Only you can decide which path is desirable for you to take with your online boyfriend.

Best Wishes,


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