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Spiritual Counselling Post 16: I Am Just A Piece Of Meat To Her!

Hi Gona,

I can't seem to stop gravitating towards my Mentor Guide Melissa from University. The problem is that she is engaged to be married to another man. She has assisted me tremendously towards my career goals, and we have also shared intimate moments. Now that her wedding day is approaching near, she is saying that we can't be friends and lovers anymore. My question is:

Is there anything I can do to bring her back into my life?


Response: Hello Brad,

Let me candidly begin with the cold dynamics of your lover's energy and situation. When I look at Melissa's core nature, I see that she is someone who is comfortable with Conventional Labels for the sake of security and stability. She also wants approval from her family/society. She does not want the challenges of the Romeo and Juliet kind of searing love.

She does enjoy a connection with you but only as HIDDEN LOVERS. You were her secret and forbidden younger lover. She does not want to show you off as the "husband". The man she is going to marry is of elevated social status. He is able to provide her with the lifestyle she desires. He fits the bill of socially approved husband and father to her future children.

What she liked about you was your exciting and budding warrior energy. She relished your raw emotions as well. She admires your ambitions and ideals. However, she is not willing to wait until the WARRIOR BECOMES KING. Her clock is ticking.

You were the experimental lover to Melissa; something to experience for a moment in time. In her, I see the BLACK WIDOW SPIDER. She chewed you up and spit you out.

It is not all dark and gloom from here on. You will soon meet someone very special. First, give yourself some time to heal. Second, do not be afraid to open up your heart again. I see a new QUEEN coming your way; your connection with her will be amazing. She is the nurturing type of lady. Be kind to her and treat each other well. She will make you her KING.



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