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Spiritual Counselling Post 17: Become the Seductress

Tantric Priestess

The Tantric Priestess

Dear Gona,

I have a Facebook "friend", Edward; he is a gifted writer and inspirational speaker. My question is: How do I take my interaction with him beyond the friendship level? What do I need to say to him to get him interested in me?


Response: Hi Victoria,

Thank you for bringing forward your juicy inquiry. I see that the next 3-4 weeks are going to be pivotal in taking your friendship with Edward to the next step encompassing TANTRIC SEDUCTION (BDSM).

The following strategies will bring Edward closer and closer to your "Vixen Lair":

1) First, on your Facebook page, upload some new photographs of yourself wearing sheer and sexy attire.

2) Next to your image display, please publish or post a short piece of your own writing; it can be fiction or fact. You can post a short-story written by you OR an interest provoking autobiographical memoir about a turning point event from your life. In the spiritual world this would be called, Setting Up The Stage.

3) Now the PLAY CAN BEGIN with you directly posting "innocent questions" to Edward such as *Edward, you are such a talented writer, could you please give me some constructive criticism on my writing piece/pieces that I have published and posted here on Facebook? What would make my writing more appealing to the audience?

*Edward, who all have inspired you in creating your published works?

*Edward, what do you think about YOU AND I starting an internet chat room club which would be a platform for inviting people from social media to exchange ideas for creative writing? Could you please send me your Skype address/phome number so that we can further discuss this INNOVATIVE CREATIVE WRITERS' CHAT ROOM?

Your goal is to get his attention and phone number by looking extremely sexy and creative type woman.

4) Once you have his phone number for one on one connection, call him and lead the conversation into the SEDUCTIVE ARENA by bringing up and candidly exploring the book, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY; blast off into the LOVERS' CONNECTION with him.

5) Have fun!


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