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Spiritual Counselling Post 18: Hope and Action enable a New Reality

Celebrate with your New Soulmate

Just do it!

Dear Gona,

Another year has passed by. I am hoping that 2015 brings my soul-connection to me. I have had relationships in the past but nothing worked out for me. How can I dispel this negativity?



Response: Dearest Irene,

I welcome your inquiry for the new year. A) I see that HOPE is a good starting point. The next step is to state your intention in a letter by you to the Spiritual Forces; feel free to follow the example shown below:

Respected Spiritual Forces,

I am requesting that you send a compatible friend/lover my way in the new year. I will happily do a giving and receiving type of interaction with my soul-connection. I would also like to have a satisfying lovers' connection with him. As DERISE is the compass for recognizing the new mate, I will face my desire for him without fear.


B) After writing your request and intention in the letter to the Spritiual Forces, put it in a safe place OR in a Sacred Altar in your home.

C) Hope alone is not a strategy; it has to be combined with ACTION. So, you may choose to join a local social group/hobby club to meet people like yourself. This way you are opening the door to new friendships and also you will come across your soul-mate when you are joyously involved in activities or hobbies that interest you.

D) To clear away the negativity, monitor your thoughts as negative thoughts can produce a downward spiral. Positive thoughts on the other hand will put you in a higher vibration, and attract positive experiences. In additon, meditate for 10-15 minutes a day with a mantra: "I accept and love myself even though I am imperfect". The preceding mantra will also propel you to accept your soul-mate's imperfections and shortcomings.

E) Explain your boundaries to your new partner: *when he spends time with you on regular basis then you can reward him with intimacy *he needs to be nice to you as well *as long as you are sincere friends and satisfied lovers, then it is enhancing for both of you

Last, but not the least, validate "negativity" from the past as experinces that promoted growth in you. "Growing Pains" are part and parcel of life. After a growth period comes JOY. Pursue your desires and passions without being afraid of them to get a mate meant for you. Celebrate your new partnership with your new man :-)

Good Wishes,


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