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Spiritual Counselling Post 19: Free Will or Destiny

Hello Gona,

I don't have peace of mind. I have been doing the "right" things in life but somehow happiness seems to elude me. How do I get to be what I am destined to be?


Response: Greetings Sarita,

The question you are esentially asking is: HOW DOES AN ACORN GET TO BE AN OAK TREE? Let me approach your inquiry step by step. In life there are milestones and GATES we need to pass through to become who we are meant to be. In Greek Mythology, a child's first milestone was that of STRENGTH - if upon inspection at birth a baby was deemed weak, he/she would not get to the next stage of INITIATION. Greek Warriors i.e. Spartans were intiated as warriors by being given tasks in their youth which propelled them to defeat the adversary before being horored as a TRUE SPARTAN. As we are all ARCHETYPAL ENERGIES, we go through similar milestones and patterns. You have been going through certain doorways of initiation - which does not bring happiness; however it does builds character. You have been doing the STATUS - QUO which is not who you are; you were never meant to be a sheep following other sheep. You are unique and special like the UGLY DUCKLING THAT BECAME A SWAN.

Everything you have done up to now was "right" for the different stages of your life. As a "caterpillar" you were supposed to "munch on leaves". At the present moment you are going through the "pupa" stage where there is a lot of struggle and conflict in the mind as this is nature's way of preparing you to become that "buterfly" you were always meant to be. This is where destiny steps in, an apple seed will become an apple tree; on the other hand, the acorn has no choice other than become the mighty oak. What I see is that you are AN ACORN TRYING TO MOULD YOURSELF INTO AN APPLE TREE to get acceptance and societal approval. Now comes the BREAKTHROUGH - simply accept your self as ACORN BECOMING OAK TREE and you will find peace and happiness among the MIGHTY OAKS.



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