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Spiritual Counselling Post 20: The Tarot Gives Great Feedback

Friend Gona,

I have recently made a decision about an important matter in my life. Even though I have said "YES" to my TRUE LOVE, I am still unclear about what the future holds for me with my lover/soulmate. He signed a five year contract as a tour guide in the Himalayas, and I don't know if he will be able to survive the assignment and come back to me. He asked me to wait for him. And I continue to wait for him.

A psychic reader once told me that THE TAROT is a great tool for feedback on any major decision made. My heart is waiting for Harry but my questions is:

Will DESTINY keep him safe and allow him to come back to me?


Response: Hi Lily,

In the "case" of TRUE LOVE, there is no choice but to say "YES" to your TRUE LOVER/SOULMATE because if you had decided to say "NO" to him, then it would have become THE AFFLICTION OF HUBRIS which means unnecessary suffering caused by defying the unconscious forces contained within your body and that would be going against fate as well as nature itself. According to Greek Myhology, an individual cannot avoid one's own destiny; so to RELEASE AND SURRENDER is the best action/decision to undertake. You are wise indeed to surrender to your TRUE LOVER.

In the Greek Tarot there is THE MOIRAI CARD which will provide FEEDBACK on the decision you have made to wait for your lover, Harry, and will also give an answer to the question mentioned in your inquiry.

I have good news for you; The Moirai are showing that you and your lover will REUNITE once his work contract is finished; you and Harry are destined to be together in this life-time. It gives me great pleasure to give this wonderful information to you which will bring you relief and peace of mind. Walk in grace and be sure to thank the Spritiual Forces for receiving this gift of TRUE LOVE and RECONNECTION with your lover. When we receive a gift of this magnitude, we say thanks by showing kindness to others; that is how we give back.

You and Harry enjoy your journey together :)



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