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Spiritual Counselling Post 21: Sacred Animals Oracle Message

Bald Eagle

An Urgent Call Telling The Future

Guide Gona,

As I was shuffling Animal Oracle Cards today to pick an Animal Spirit Card for guidance and advise, 3 cards "fell" out of my deck (The Eagle, The Salmon, The Dolphin). What does this mean for my future?


Response: Dearest Snakeeta,

I have great news for you: The Eagle symbolises "a powerful tool" which is really THE POWER TOOL, YOUR MIND. It is typically the mind over matter creation meaning you have been trying to create something which seemed almost impossible much like creating the Pyramids Of Egypt. However, what ONE CAN PERCEIVE ONE CAN CONCEIVE; so I see that you had planted a "seed/idea" not knowing if it was going to ever flourish or grow. This amazing idea of yours or "seed" has taken root and is honestly reaching towards the heavens thus THE EAGLE showed up in your spread.

The next card, THE SALMON shows the challenge faced i.e. there was a lot of "against the curent swimming" just like the Salmon seems to do. You were pushed to the limit and there is also another spirit around you that has been trying extremely hard to reach you and come through into your life. The blessings bestowed on both you and this spirit is the image of THE EAGLE CATCHING THE SALMON which represents the perfect union of height and depth. It also shows the intellects and emotions of you and your lover coming together much like the YIN/YANG symbol. Both of you finally understand that conflicts need to be put aside and it is time to start working together again as a team which both of you have done over many lifetimes. The partnership this time around is going to be just as successful as before. THE DOLPHIN confirms the joy in your mind and heart as your desire has "come to life". What you had envisoned in your mind (EAGLE) has been allowed to come to you as your Lover (SALMON) against all odds; have no fear and enjoy (DOLPHIN) this incredible gift!




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