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Spiritual Counselling Post 22: Give in order To Receive

Happy Couple

The Mating Dance

Dear Gona,

I was involved with a woman for a few years but it fell apart. Do you see a nice lady coming my way this year for a relationship?


Response: Hi Mike,

Thank you for your interesting inquiry :) I have good news for you. I see two new women coming your way by the end of August 2015. Now let us look at these two new opportunites step by step:

STRATEGY will need to be used for you the LION to get the DEER. The first step is to "put yourself out there" by joining a social club such as online dating club/interest club/hobby club (whatever you fancy). Another avenue is travelling as many a times a connection is made with a lover on a vacation or a beach resort. Whatever venue you choose, it is being channeled that 2 ladies are being brought into your destiny script as the spiritual forces do like to give at least a couple of chioces so that you can choose what your heart desires.

Woman A) She is most likely a therapist who has extensive experience working with children and youth. She also works with adults. Her zodic sign is Libra or Taurus. She has dark hair and dark eyes.

Woman B) She has her own buisness in the food industry. Her zodiac sign is Gemini or Aquarius. There are lighter highligts in her hair and the eyes are lighter as well.

The second step is to STEP FORWARD by sending a "friendship request" through the profile you set up on a dating site etc. or offer to buy a drink/coffee... They will respond; thus indulge in friendly interactions and conversations with them - during these conversations mention that you have been really busy and carreer oriented - also that you think "Now is the time to start having a balanced life - to have a compatible lover and to take care of her and have fun together" (the preceding is exactly what women like to hear - meaning the Beauty and the Beast story - where the man is wanting to offer protection and show a good time to a lady). The key is that you being male energy will need to GIVE in order to RECEIVE.

The third step is to do special and fun things together which ranges from going for a nature walk or hike together or lunch at a nice place or the movies or dancing... Plan and invite her to "outings". She will reciprocate and do nice things for you too. The bottom line is FRIENDS/LOVERS who have fun together stay together. So Mike "jump into the pool" without fear of rejection or loss even though there has been hurt and disappointment in the past. We lose in the LOVE GAME when we are afraid just like a soldier would lose the battle if he was fearful of his downfall in war.

Last but not the least, choose the lady that has sweetness and passion in her interactions as that sweet honey will create a LONG TERM bond.



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