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Spiritual Counselling Post 23: I Want Back With My Lover!

Hello Gona,

I have been involved with several women and all in all it has been a "learning experience". Due to my "50 Shades Of Grey Nature", I am on my own. One of the women, however, has the kind of awesome energy that really took me to Paradise. After being with her I have had other sexual interactions but I cannot stop thinking about "her"/"my amazing lover". What should my next step be?


Response: Hi Gray,

Congratulations; you the lion has already come across the "juciest deer" for you in the "forest". I see that Your Lover is able to bring everything that you need to the table, I see that her emotional and sexual power has the "right voltage" for you, and also her own independent nature matches your own. So excellent, you have found your true match.

The next step is to go and "knock" on her door - you the lion needs to get the deer. It is perfect timing; the holiday season is here. Why don't you send Your Lover a message wishing her, " Happy Holidays! Would be nice to catch up with you one on one (wink) - are you able to come out for coffee/drinks - let me know what suits you weekday or weekend?" She will certainly respond positively to you contacting her with this type of message/"invitation" as you are single and available. The one on one will most certainly happen at her place or maybe you want to invite her to your place later on.

You with Your Lover have "hit the jackpot" Gray. Everything you are describing in your question is showing that future interactions with Your Lover are going to be exactly what you have been seeking all along - just like you she is very much into BDSM - that kind of submissive and dominant play. Watch out - the "deer" in her enjoys being the "lion tamer" too - she has both the whip and the soft feather. This will be very satisfying for both of you and with regular meet-ups there is the promise of long term stability, joint abundance and peace.



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