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Spiritual Counselling Post 26: Where Are The Angels?

Benevolent and Guiding Angels are always around us so we do not need to feel that we are alone in our struggles or quest. We can make specific wishes, and as long as our intention or motivation is to give positively, then those wishes are delivered and do start to manifest on the Earthly Plane.

To hasten the process of making our wishes come true is by first and foremost asking for what you truly desire. The second step is to create an action-plan about the "work" you are willing to do to make this desired wish a reality. The last step is that as you do your best then your called upon angels/ascended masters will be the "wind beneath your wings" to help you achieve a particular wish or wishes; The following is a profound example from Greek Mythology:

The priestess in the Trojan War was wishing for a protective warrior to be by her side. Lo and behold, marches in ACHILLES, the immortal warrior, to be the protective force and lover for the lovely priestess of Troy, and the rest they say is history! To this day those lovers reincarnate again and again to experience uplifting joy.

Some of the angels you can humbly call upon for kind assistance are:

Archangel Jeremiel appears as dark purple light. By wearing the purple crystal amethyst, you can feel closer to Jeremiel's loving and calming energy in stressful times.

Archangel Raphael is associated with emeralds. He will carry your worries, and take away your burdens with divine intervention.

Archangel Chamuel shows pale green light in green fluorite crystal, and she will help you with your soulmate relationship.

Archangel Jophiel's aura is rose pink just like the bohemian ruby. Wear it or carry rose quartz/ruby to clear up clutter, to get organized in your mind so that you can make clear decisions that can lead you towards positive action and for reaching desired goals.

Archangel Michael's energy is associated with crystal blue stone sugalite. He softens your communications so that you can channel profound and loving messages towards yourself and others.

Archangel Gabriel fosters leadership qualities. Her aura is copper, just like her metal copper trumpet. If you wear a copper bracelet, she will reassure you to feel powerful in your chosen job or career as well as bring abundance your way.

Archangel Sandalphon is "diamonds are made under pressure" energy. He gives you courage to carve out your own path without losing nerve. He helps you to achieve victory in all areas of life.

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