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Spiritual Counselling Post 29: SOULMATES; myth or reality?

Are soulmates for real?

Friend Gona,

I have dated several guys and it has not been "successful". Recently when I talked with you I became aware of the Greek philosophy which entails that a successful match is possible with my soulmate. Now comes the million dollar question; how do I find him?

Response: Dear Zena,

That is indeed a great question because many of us tend to be overly self-critical of ourselves when relationships take a "nose dive"; the simple truth is that if it is meant to be then IT WILL BE. Soulmates are simply meant to be together and in fact without each other they seem to wither away which in spiritual terms is the story of ROMEO AND JULIET as they don't exist without each other, and if one lover dies then the other one will die off too. Such an example not only exists in the human existence but also, it is found in nature with the life-long mating of a paired swan couple. Swans mate for life and if the male or the female meets with a mishap resulting in death then the harsh truth is that the other mate is considered to be heart broken and thus loses its will to stay alive; so this is not a myth but is stark reality.

Greek philosophers believed that some of us are having several evolutions in soul journey as soul energy is recycled energy and coming to this "Earth Plane" as only 1/2 (half) of the equation. Therefore, we are constantly seeking the other 1/2 (half); this notion becomes more clear with the pictorial YINYANG SYMBOL where the two halves compliment each other when they come together as a complete circle. Now not everybody is looking for their soulmate as it is not the easiest journey to undertake; this is examplified in the story of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST which is a profoundly spiritual tale of soulmates coming together even though one was a "beast creature" and Beauty was the complete opposite meaning extremely refined but at the end the Beast learned to embody refinement from Beauty and Beauty in turn accepted him because the Beast respected and protected her. Therefore, they reconciled as they positively and inherently cared for and helped each other.

In addition to the preceding examples, there is an Indian folklore which includes three major characters called SAVATRI (aka THE JULIET), SATYAVAN (aka THE ROMEO) and YAMA (aka HADES, the God of death). In this particular folktale from India, Satyavan the male has a foreboding prediction day for his death but Savitri so falls in love with him that she still chooses to marry him even though she is told the exact day of death of her husband which would render her a helpless widow in those past historical days. No matter, she wants to be his lover and wife and so the marriage ceremony is sanctioned by the priests. However, as predicted earlier on the destiny script of her husband Satyavan DOOMS DAY arrives with YAMA/HADES wanting to claim the soul of Satyavan. At Yama's arrival, Savitri offers the God of death to either takes both the lovers with him or return her husband's soul to his body so that the lovers can stay intactly together on Earth. Savatri's dedication and plea is supremely convincing and so even the God of death relents to the lovers being together on every plane meaning this plane and the next plane as well.

There is a popular belief in Greek mythology that with true lovers even the Gods relent and ZEUS, THE SUPREME RULER OF THE WORLD does allow true love to be together and not seperated. Are you going to allow your soulmate to come to you Zena? Only you can open that door for him by believing that no matter what he will find you, just allow it to happen my friend as this is a gift full of abundance and joy :)



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